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Would you like to make a car or mortgage payment without the hassle of writing a check? Exchange Bank’s Internet Banking application makes this process as simple as making a transfer. The transfer can be a one-time request, or you may schedule it to be recurring.

Online/WEB Payments

Loan payments may be made through this portal. You may make a payment from a checking or savings account at any financial institution by simply providing the bank routing number and account number and the loan number you want credited. Payments made before 8pm CST will be credited on the next day’s business.

Add A Transfer

Select the "from" account and the "to" account. Enter the amount to transfer, then select a frequency. If your transfer falls on a non-business day, the transfer will be processed on the previous business day. 

Telephone Payments1

Payments to your loan can be made via a phone call during business hours to: 


Payments can be made using a checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card. There will be a $20 charge for all telephone payments.

1Loan Payoffs will not be accepted via telephone payment.

Automatic Transfer

You may sign up to have the bank automatically draft your bank account monthly via an ACH transaction. Please complete the automatic transfer form and return to the bank.

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I didn't realize you had a facebook page. I love it!! I have had an account with you since the '70s. You all are wonderful!!

Susan from Virginia