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Terms of Use


General. This website has been established by Exchange Bank & Trust (“Bank”) for the sole purpose of conveying information about the Bank’s products and services and to allow communication between the Bank and website users (“users,” “you”). Any content contained on this website is for informational and advertising purposes only. Nothing contained on any page of this website shall be construed as legally-binding. Agreements and disclosures that govern your relationship, products, or services with Bank and agreements and disclosures entered into or provided in the future supersede content of this website. If any information on this website conflicts with any agreements and disclosures, the agreements and disclosures will govern, not any content of this website.

Applicability to Online Banking. These Terms of Use shall not apply to Online Banking, Bill Pay, Person to Person Payments, or any other product or service, even though the product or service may be accessed through this website. Terms and conditions for these products or services, which can be accessed by logging into your Online Banking account, shall govern the use of that product or service.

Promotions and Advertisements. This website may contain promotional offers and advertisements. Not all individuals may qualify for promotional offers. All offers are subject to credit approval. Please contact Bank for specific details regarding any offer. Bank reserves the right to cancel or amend any promotion without prior notification.

Security of Personal Information. Bank does not guarantee the security of personally-identifiable information that may be sent or received through this website. Personal information should only be sent through secure methods. Never provide usernames, passwords, social security numbers, or other personally-identifiable information over the internet or to other individuals. Users agree to hold Bank harmless from any adverse consequences resulting from personally-identifiable information being sent through the internet.

Use of Website by Children. This website has been designed for individuals over the age of 13. Bank does not market to or offer products online to individuals who are not over the age of 13. By using this website or any product, service, or component of this website, you agree that you are older than 13 years of age.

Links to Third Parties. From time to time, the Bank may place links to other websites on this website. The Bank has no control over linked websites and is not responsible for the content on any site other than the content on this website. Links to other websites should not be construed as an endorsement, guarantee, recommendation, or referral to a third party.  Bank does not guarantee the safety or security of websites to which it may link or that linked websites are free from viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, or other unauthorized software. Users assume all responsibility accessing linked websites.

Copyright and Property Right Notices. The information, materials, and technology contained in this website are owned by the Bank or by third parties and may be subject to copyright and intellectual property laws. Users agree to not copy; display; transmit; distribute; sell; store for use; download; reverse engineer; or otherwise reproduce, alter, or use any materials or content displayed on this website for any unauthorized purpose or in any unauthorized manner without written approval from Bank.

Indemnify. Users agree to indemnify and hold Bank harmless from all causes of action, claims, damages, demands, costs, or expenses that arise or are related to the use of this website.

Warranties and Representations. The Bank makes no warranties of any kind regarding this website or the products and services offered or advertised on this website. The Bank will use reasonable efforts to ensure that all information displayed is accurate; however, the Bank expressly disclaims any representation and warranty, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, and the ability to use the site without contracting a computer virus.

Limitation of Liability. The Bank is not responsible for any loss, damage, expense, or penalty (either in tort, contract, or other theories of law), including direct, indirect, consequential and incidental damages, that result from the access or use of this website or the inability to access or use this website. This limitation includes, but is not limited to the omission of information, the failure of equipment, the delay or inability to receive or transmit information, the delay or inability to print information, the transmission of any computer virus, or the transmission of any other malicious or disabling code or procedure. This limitation applies even if the Bank has been informed of the possibility of such loss or damage.

Availability of Website. Bank makes every attempt to ensure the continuous availability of website; however, the Bank is not able to guarantee the continuous availability of website. Bank will attempt to provide advance notice if the website will be unavailable; however, unexpected maintenance may result in the website being unavailable. Bank shall have no liability to users who are not able to access the website or if advance notice is not provided prior to the website being unavailable.

Minimum Requirements & Internet Connectivity. Minimum requirements, including operating systems, internet browsers, and other programs, may be required to access website or to use all or some of the functions of the website. Bank shall have no responsibility or liability to provide compatible software to users to access website. Access to website requires an internet connection through an internet service provider. Additionally, website may be accessed through the use of a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet with data services offered through a wireless provider. User is responsible for all charges assessed by any internet provider or wireless provider.

Use of Cookies, Location, and Other Data. This website may use cookies, your location, and other data collected through your access to website. By accessing this website, you authorize Bank to access and utilize this information. Information may be used for purposes such as market research and target marketing. If you do not authorize Bank to collect or use this information, you should discontinue the use of the website or disable these functions on your device.

Changes to Terms of Use. These Terms of Use may be changed from time to time by posting the new Terms of Use on the website. All users agree to be subject to these terms and conditions as it changes from time to time and to review Terms of Use prior to each use. Continued use after any revisions to these Terms of Use shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Use of Section Headings. The use of section headings are for convenience only and shall not have any bearing or meaning with regards to the content of that section.  

Severability. Should any provision of these terms and conditions be declared invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be ineffective only to the extent of the provision’s invalidity or unenforceability. The remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

Jurisdiction and Venue. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the State of Kansas. Any cause of action arising from these Terms of Use shall be brought in Atchison County, Kansas which shall have sole jurisdiction over any matter arising under these Terms of Use.

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I didn't realize you had a facebook page. I love it!! I have had an account with you since the '70s. You all are wonderful!!

Susan from Virginia